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You can learn all you want about the science behind skin procedures that tighten away wrinkles or erase marks and spots, but there's not much better than that hearing dermatology patient testimonials straight from the source. Read these honest responses from people who brought their problems and needs to Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, where they found just what they were looking for.

"AWESOME! Dr. Jones is wonderful, and he makes you feel at ease even when your procedure scares you. Thank you for keeping me well and looking good!"

—Dai V

"Dr. Jones is the best physician for cosmetic fillers in Los Angeles. I have gone to other dermatologists previously for cosmetic fillers, and I never got near the outstanding result Dr. Jones achieves. I receive BOTOX® and Restylane® for my face. I get such a long-lasting result that I can go for much longer periods between sessions of fillers, unlike any other physician I have gone to for fillers. Dr. Jones has an outstanding bedside manner ... and is bluntly honest as to what kind of realistic result I can achieve. Dr. Jones never pushes the many procedures he offers. ... I like his low-key manner. I would not let any other dermatologist inject me with fillers. I love his staff. They are all very professional and friendly."

—Robert S

"I'm crazy about Dr. Jones and Dr. Wesley. They are both skilled, ultra-experienced, and provide up-to-the-minute information about whatever concern I ask to address. Dr. Wesley's approach is to advise me of available alternatives to whatever I ask, which allows and encourages me to make the decision that best suits my needs. When I leave from my appointment with Dr. Jones, I am confident that he has done the best that can be done for whatever is bothering me at the time or for whatever I want to improve. I know that he has the up-to-the-minute information as to what will best deal with my "issues," and I completely trust his assessment, approach, and skill. I also appreciate that Dr. Jones is communicative and friendly. I never feel that I am just the third, etc., patient of the day. In short, he is a pleasure.


Dr. Jones is exceptionally talented and skilled, has a caring and concerned manner, and keeps his patients closely informed. His knowledge is unparalleled, and the results are amazing. His office is always helpful and professional.


As always, the service was very friendly, professional, and effective. Had a treatment that included both Dr. Jones and Dr. Black (first time meeting her). I always feel relaxed (excited, actually) going in for an appointment. Thank you for helping me keep my youth, LOL, without making it (too) obvious. (Nice to have met you, Dr. Black).

—Barton S

Great experience! Love the upbeat energy and efficient pace of the office. No one is rushing around, but you're in and out and never left in a waiting room with others. All questions are answered, procedures are explained, and the attitude is professional and friendly. Highly recommend.


Why Dr. Jones?

  • He's an innovator in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.
  • He served as Lead Investigator on the JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC study, and as an investigator on the BOTOX® crow's feet clinical study that led to FDA approval for both.
  • He created the Dr. Derek Jones Facial Harmonics Approach.

At my last visit, as always, Dr Jones's work was perfection. I have been seeing him for a decade, and no one can figure out why I not only don't seem to age at all, but why I look better than ever! He is a true artist; his work is subtle, yet incredibly effective. There are people in my city I could see, but that will never happen as long as he's around. Super staff, too!


Excellent, as usual. Excellent is the only word for Dr. Jones. Nothing else could apply, except for personable, kind, compassionate, caring, and a doctor to set the standard for other doctors to follow both in bedside manner and professionally. I have seen him since the late 1990s when he first started. He has always been fantastic since day 1!

—Phil M

Dr. Jones was even more kind and attentive than I had heard. He has a wonderful artistic eye in stepping back to see how the work is going. Everyone in the office was very nice, efficient, and thoughtful. I am very happy to have found Dr. Derek Jones.


From the time you step into the office door until the time you walk out of the office door, you experience patient service unlike any other medical office. Dr. Jones and his staff take the time to listen to your wants, needs, and requests while explaining the procedure thoroughly and providing professional care. The results were as explained and could not have gone more smoothly or professional. The overall experience exceeded all my expectations and was like experiencing the 5-star hotel of medical offices. Thank you, Dr. Jones, and all of your staff! You truly are the doctor of doctors.

—Mojgan M

I am always pleased with my appointment with Dr. Jones. He is skilled, thoughtful, kind, and always exercises exceptional care and judgment in his work. I leave feeling that my appearance has been improved, but without the noticeably "done" look.


Wonderful experience. I love Dr. Jones' love of his profession, his knowledge, experience, and his commitment to his patients.


Seeing Dr. Jones always makes my day! He is an artist and perfectionist. I will never go elsewhere for my filler and cosmetic dermatology needs.

—Janel L


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