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Don’t Hide Behind a Scarf This Fall

Autumn’s arrival brings falling leaves (somewhere, if not Southern California), longer nights, and, of course, pumpkin spice everything. It also calls for a change in wardrobe. While Beverly Hills and West Hollywood aren’t known for their sweater weather, some people look forward to these late-in-the-year days as an excuse to hide their neck under a …

Did You Catch Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones on The Doctors?

Advances in dermatology are happening every day. After years of studies, research, trials, and more, new treatments, techniques, and products regularly make their way into dermatology practices around the country, where patients decide what works best on a practical level. Kybella®, approved by the FDA and released for general use in mid-2015, proved quite quickly …

El Niño Storms and CoolSculpting®: Los Angeles Looks Forward to Next Summer

Meteorologists are predicting that this winter will be packed with rain, forecasting a season of everyone staying indoors as much as possible. On the surface, the El Niño weather might not seem to have much to do with CoolSculpting®, but Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients preparing for a soaking over the next several months …

Considering CoolSculpting® for a Los Angeles Summer Season?

Though the winter weather in Southern California never exactly gets into bulky sweater territory—or if it does, it doesn’t stay there long—locals and visitors alike look forward to shedding what layers they do have on to celebrate the summer with swimwear and other skimpier ensembles. Showing off more skin typically goes hand in hand with …

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