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Which Aesthetic Treatments Work Best for Acne Scars?

Acne lesions are often visible annoyances, but they can also sometimes be more significant, causing pain and even permanent scars. The inflammation associated with swollen cysts and large nodules often leaves marks in the skin, visible even after the breakouts resolve. This is because the lesions can damage both the skin and the underlying tissue. …

Forget to Protect Against the Sun? Those Spots Don’t Have to Be Permanent

The Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team has a range of options available for patients looking to address pigmentation irregularities, visible blood vessels, and other signs of prolonged sun exposure. With one such treatment, IPL, Los Angeles-area residents who maybe skimped on the sunscreen a little too often can gain a more …

Too Much Time in the Sun? Consider Fraxel®, Los Angeles’ Answer for Sun Spots and More

Many people look to the warm and sunny days of summer as the time for baring more skin, but without the adequate protection that comes from strong sunscreen, and failing to keep sun time to a minimum, these people may find that overexposure to UV radiation has harmed their skin. Over time, this damage can …

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