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Nonsurgical Fat Reduction for the Los Angeles Area

In the past, men and women looked to surgery such as liposuction to remove that muffin top, those love handles, or other unwanted pockets of fat. Now you can experience CoolSculpting® in Beverly Hills. This revolutionary procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without incisions or damage to neighboring tissue. After a one-hour CoolSculpting® fat reduction procedure with our physician-only team at our Beverly Hills office, your body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the fat cells break down, then naturally and safely flushed from your body.

Because of its versatile nature, the nonsurgical CoolSculpting® can be used on a variety of areas where stubborn fat clings. Since there is no surgery, there is no related downtime for allowing sutures to heal.

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Why Dr. Jones?

  • He's an innovator in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.
  • He served as Lead Investigator on the JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC study, and as an investigator on the BOTOX® crow's feet clinical study that led to FDA approval for both.
  • He created the Dr. Derek Jones Facial Harmonics Approach.

When you visit Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills for a personal consultation, we will assess you to see exactly what you will need to help improve your appearance.

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    CoolSculpting® Fat Reduction Before/After

CoolSculpting® Explained

We often have people come to our practice and ask, "What is CoolSculpting®?" The non-surgical treatment works by taking the targeted area and cooling the fat cells to a cold enough temperature that they are damaged. Since fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissues, the treatment does not disrupt the surrounding cells—it only targets the underlying fat cells you wish to get rid of.

Once the cells are frozen, they die off, and are then eliminated from the body.

Your CoolSculpting® Treatment

To begin the procedure, one of our physicians will draw the targeted area up between two cooling panels that hold the tissue in place. As the cooling goes to work in the first few minutes, patients may feel pressure and intense cold, but the sensation quickly goes away. The device does not introduce cold into the tissue, but instead extracts heat from it, steadily lowering the tissue's temperature. Carefully calibrated sensors ensure evenly distributed results and maximize safety by regulating the process so that fat and only fat is impacted. The entire process will be overseen by one of our physicians—not a nurse or technician, but a board-certified dermatologist experienced in CoolSculpting® treatments, as well as how the various facial features interact to create a look of balance and proportion.

During a CoolSculpting® procedure, our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients are encouraged to read a book or watch TV. This is because treatment time is usually about two hours—but remember that the procedure is completely non-invasive, so you can return to normal activities immediately. Some patients may experience redness, mild tenderness, minor bruising, tingling, or numbness in the treated area, but this is temporary.

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In the rare event of bruising, we have lasers
that speed the resolution of a bruise,
and which we offer at no cost.

After the nonsurgical fat removal process, Los Angeles women and men will notice that the treated area becomes smaller. This is because the body naturally eliminates the fat cells that were frozen from CoolSculpting®. For optimal results, CoolSculpting® can be used on the same area more than once, with noticeable results in two to three months. Studies have shown there is, on average, a 20 percent reduction in the thickness of fat with each treatment.

If you're ready to learn more about CoolSculpting® and how Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills can help you, visit us for an assessment to see exactly what you will need to help improve your appearance.

Request a consultation with us online or call our office at 310-246-0495 for more information.

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    60 Days After
    One Treatment Only Left side treated
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    60 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    90 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    30 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    120 Days After
    Two CoolSculpting® Treatments
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    120 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    60 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment
  • Coolsculpting By Zeltiq
    60 Days After
    One CoolSculpting® Treatment

What Is Stubborn Fat?

Two of the best things you can do for your health are eat well and exercise regularly. These activities are good for your heart, and they can also help to keep pounds off—or get rid of weight gained previously. Sometimes, though, certain fat cells refuse to shrink, leaving isolated pockets that stand out as bulges on an otherwise slimmer body.

Fat that withstands efforts to lose it is often referred to as "diet-resistant" or "stubborn" fat. Because it stays in place where it isn't wanted, patients often find that the best way to eliminate it is to physically remove it from the body. As noted above, the historical go-to method for this was liposuction, which loosens fat cells before suctioning them out through a special long, thin tube known as a cannula. Results are immediate, but the procedure requires down time for healing and recuperation—as well as carries the risks inherent to all surgery.

Since CoolSculpting® kills unwanted fat cells and causes them to be removed from the body, patients who choose it as a noninvasive option enjoy more gradual results, but also avoid the down sides of surgery.

Another benefit of physical fat reduction via CoolSculpting® is the fact that it reduces the number of fat cells in a given area, as opposed to diet and exercise, which reduce the size of fat cells, but not their count. The cells that shrink in size thanks to calorie counting and physical exertion remain in place and can swell again in the future, once more creating a double chin or belly.

While CoolSculpting® is excellent for getting rid of unwanted fat, it is intended for cosmetic use only, such as losing an inch or two here, a double chin there. It is not intended to be a weight-loss strategy or be used with health benefits in mind. For that, nothing beats properly balanced meals in proper proportions and frequent activity.

CoolSculpting® Has Applicators to Suit Your Needs

The basic CoolSculpting® device is ideal for larger areas of the body. With an applicator known as CoolCurve, tissue draw and fit are maximized. leading to a better patient experience and satisfaction with results.

Another applicator, known as the CoolMini, allows for greater precision in contouring smaller, more localized bulges. This specialized CoolSculpting® system is particularly ideal for submental fat, which collects at the neck and forms what is commonly referred to as a double chin.

The underlying technology is the same as other applicators, and patients who choose the CoolMini enjoy the benefits they've come to expect from the CoolSculpting® name. They will experience an average of a 20 percent reduction in fat beneath their chin with each session.

Estimates put the number of people bothered by submental fat at around 67 percent, and many of them—millions, in fact—are searching for a noninvasive solution. CoolMini clinical studies revealed that most of the patients found the procedure to be not just tolerable, but comfortable. Even more said they would recommend it to a friend, and more still (83 percent) reported satisfaction with their improvement.

Ideal results are best achieved after just one or two sessions, each of which lasts a matter of minutes.

The CoolSculpting® applicator can be used on other small pockets of fat beyond the submental area. Talk with the physicians at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills to learn more about what CoolMini can target.

Request a consultation with us online or call our office at 310-246-0495 for more information about CoolSculpting® in Beverly Hills.

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