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Maintain Smooth, Radiant Skin With Lasers in Beverly Hills

You don't go from looking young and vibrant to looking older and more worn down overnight. Wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging develop over time, which is why regular skin care and aesthetic maintenance is a good idea for anyone who wants to keep a refreshed and radiant appearance. The Clear + Brilliant® laser offers Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles-area patients the opportunity to preserve their youthful face, as it can smooth texture and even tone quickly and with extremely minimal healing.

Healthy, beautiful skin depends on a variety of factors, including proper sun protection, adequate hydration, and regular, gentle cleaning. Clear + Brilliant® is designed to fit into a skin care routine optimized to provide radiant skin for years.

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What is Clear + Brilliant®?

This skin care system was created by physicians who developed fractional laser treatments now widely used for stimulating collagen production and evening out skin imperfections.

Rather than helping people to "turn back the clock" on their faces, the Clear + Brilliant® laser provides what its makers refer to as "a refreshing boost." Think of it as the difference between a weight-loss diet plan and eating well to maintain a healthy, slim figure.

Clear + Brilliant® is what's known as a non-ablative laser, which means it works to improve the quality of your skin from the inside out. As a more invasive option, ablative laser treatments actually remove the outermost layers of skin, similar to a chemical peel, to reveal the fresher layers below. Clear + Brilliant® works in much the same way as other gentle laser treatments, but its impact serves more to prevent visible signs of aging from becoming apparent.

Clear + Brilliant
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Clear + Brilliant® Details

A Clear + Brilliant® session can run 10 to 30 minutes, during which a physician on the Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team will move a specially designed handpiece over the area to be treated. The device has a patented tracking system to ensure even application of the laser energy for consistent results.

The smoothing effects will become increasingly apparent in the days and weeks following your Clear + Brilliant® treatment, as collagen production increases, but the main benefit will be the ongoing appeal of your already beautiful skin.

To achieve optimal results, patients should expect to receive about four to five treatments. The more frequent the treatments, the faster the lasting results will become apparent.

Some patients experience mild swelling and redness for a short time, about 12 hours, after their treatment. A Clear + Brilliant® session may also trigger skin sensitivity, and even itchiness, that last for a few days, but both sensations are signs that the body's healing processes are progressing as they should.

Looking for More Than Clear + Brilliant® in Beverly Hills?

Since the Clear + Brilliant® Laser is ideal for maintaining a radiant, youthful appearance, and while its skin-refreshing abilities can improve a variety of skin types and conditions, it's best suited for people seeking subtle changes as they preserve their current look. More dramatic corrections are possible through other laser skin resurfacing treatments, such as IPL, Fraxel® Restore laser, UltraPulse, and more.

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