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Are you ready for Daxxify™? Our Los Angeles-based team of Board-Certified and Cosmetic Fellowship-Trained Dermatologists worked as Principal Investigators on the study that led to the FDA’s approval of this long-lasting frown line relaxer in 2022. We have been using Daxxify™ since before its wide release in 2023—longer than most physicians in the country. Beyond this, we have served in investigatory roles for every wrinkle relaxer available in the United States today. The various wrinkle relaxing options are more similar than different—which is where our experience plays an especially key role. Our team at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills is widely recognized for our extensive experience and skill at recommending the best treatment for each of our patients. As a group of physicians, we have authored more than 225 peer-reviewed publications and delivered more than 300 scholarly lectures. We are uniquely positioned to recommend the ideal treatment for each person based on our nuanced understanding of each option’s particular benefits and strengths.

Made by Revance Therapeutics, Daxxify™ has a longer duration of effect than other neurotoxins. Clinical studies revealed that results can last up to six months in 50 percent of patients. Some people have reported that they enjoyed their results for nine months. Our board-certified and cosmetic fellowship-trained dermatologists will work closely with each patient to determine the most appropriate strategy for smoothing frown lines based on a range of factors. We have a well-earned reputation for creating a look of natural rejuvenation. Everyone will notice, but no one will know!

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What is Daxxify™?

Daxxify™ is a peptide-derived injectable neurotoxin that relaxes key muscles to address facial wrinkles caused by repetitive contractions. Made from botulinum toxin, the active ingredient interferes with the delivery of signals that prompt muscle activity. It contains no animal or human-derived products.

Because Daxxify™ can reduce muscle activity where injected, it is perfect for reducing or preventing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, which are facial lines related to contractions.

The FDA specifically approved Daxxify™ for treating glabellar lines, which typically develop as distinctive "11’s" between the eyebrows. These lines grow deeper and increasingly visible with every expression that folds the skin into creases, including scowling, squinting, and other forehead activity.

Key Daxxify™ Details

Daxxify™ is administered with a very fine needle in a session that can be as brief as 15 minutes. The active ingredient will begin working to relax the injected muscles, with the first effects visible within a week.

Once the skin reaches its peak relaxation, patients can expect the results to last for many months. About half may enjoy the more youthful look for six months—and even nine months of benefits have been reported.

As the effects begin to fade, patients can contact Skin Care & Laser Physicians to arrange another treatment session.

Why Choose Skin Care & Laser Physicians for Daxxify™ in Los Angeles?

No other practice in LA features a staff made up only of dermatologists who all completed a one-year post-residence cosmetic fellowship in the advanced use of injectables, lasers, and medical rejuvenation procedures and technology. Our team has collectively worked as investigators on the majority of FDA approval studies for neuromodulators (like Daxxify™) and dermal fillers in the United States.

We don't just lead the cosmetic dermatology curve, we create it.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation for Daxxify™ at Skin Care & Laser Physicians?

Getting natural-looking, face-rejuvenating results is simple: Contact our office by phone or online to arrange an initial consultation. In addition to Daxxify™, we offer wrinkle-relaxing BOTOX® Cosmetic, Jeuveau®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® treatments. We will apply our full experience and skill to giving you naturally beautiful results from the very first step, which is recommending the best treatment option for you.

Setting up a visit is easy. To learn more about Daxxify in Los Angeles, request a consultation with us online or call our office at 310.246.0495 for more information.

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