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Acne is a skin condition that can impact anyone, from teenagers to adults. It is not strictly a "young person's problem," and it is not limited to the forehead and cheeks. Unwanted bumps can appear all over the face and body, making it a condition best addressed by physicians with experience in skin health and beauty. When dealing with acne, Beverly Hills-area men and women should know that while there are many effective acne products available without a prescription, these products do not work for everyone.

When you have pimples, clearing them often requires using several prescription medications. Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills can determine what treatment can help you based on the type of acne you have. Combination therapy may be necessary, but virtually all acne can be successfully treated!

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Feel at Ease

A visit to Skin Care and Laser is more than just a routine procedure. The physicians and other office staff aim to present an inviting and peaceful environment, creating a comfortable and calming space in which clients may address their skin care needs and have their questions about acne and other aberrations answered. The entire experience supports a client in pursuit of personal change, no matter the scope of the effort.

Professional Service for Acne in Beverly Hills

Our Los Angeles area dermatology team can claim years of experience in working with skin. They draw on their vast practical knowledge to offer excellent advice, service, and treatments. Seeking help for treatment of acne can be a big step, so patients can trust that the staff maintains a confidential environment and takes your medical care seriously.

Excellent Results

Your face is the first feature of yours that others see, so you obviously want to be sure you're getting the best results possible when you come to work with our dermatology team. We take pride in the results of our treatments, and our patients in the Los Angeles area know they'll be getting cutting-edge services when it comes to treating their acne.

Types of Acne Outbreaks

When it comes to acne, Beverly Hills-area patients may deal with anything from a small outbreak of blackheads to serious cases of cystic acne. Problems can range in severity, which is why our team of physicians has a variety of treatments available. Your dermatologist at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills can diagnose the intensity of your problem and work with you from there.

  • whitehead: When a follicle plugs and fills with oil and dead skin cells, but remains closed off from the outside air by a thin membrane, it forms a whitehead.
  • blackhead: Similar to a whitehead, a blackhead appears when a plugged follicle is exposed to the air, which causes the oily mix of dead cells to darken.
  • papaules: If a blackhead or whitehead becomes inflamed, it becomes a papule. This is a raised, red bump, caused by swelling as white blood cells flood the clogged follicle to fight the inflammation.
  • pustule: An increasing number of white blood cells, coupled with the dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria in the plugged follicle, can cause a mass of whitish material to push through the surface of the skin, creating a light-colored bump known as a pustule or pimple. Avoid popping or picking at this outbreak, as contact can cause damage and worsen the inflammation.
  • cyst: A more intense inflammation and the downward expansion of a plugged follicle forms a cyst, which can be hard and leave a scar once resolved.
  • nodule: If a follicle collapses and the material inside hardens further, a nodule forms. These can be painful and very damaging to the skin.

While the earliest stages of acne—the whiteheads and blackheads known as comedones—may be managed with regular gentle cleansing, more severe forms may require help from a dermatologist. As noted above, attempting to address acne on your own by squeezing the bumps, or even vigorously scrubbing them, can actually worsen the problem.

Rely on the Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team to assess your skin and acne, then work with you to treat your acne from there.

Treating Acne Scars in Beverly Hills

Prevention is the best guard against acne scars, but sometimes acne progresses too far prior to treatment, leaving marks behind to show where pustules, cysts, and nodules formed. Laser skin resurfacing with Fraxel® can reduce the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen beneath the surface and smoothing out the skin. This treatment also evens out pigmentation irregularities, fine wrinkles, and other scars.

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