Restorsea™ Exfoliates Without Harsh Side Effects

As dermatologists serving Los Angeles and its many neighboring areas filled with image-savvy people, the team at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills has seen plenty of beauty and skin care fads and trends come and go. Choosing what to offer in terms of skin care products at the physician-only practice is a serious business, since the doctors have exceedingly high standards—and the patients do, too.

Adding anything to the available lineup, then, is a significant event, which is why the doctors are now announcing the availability of Restorsea™ products.

Designed as a natural alternative to harsh exfoliants, Restorsea™ is made from an enzyme released by baby salmon as they hatch. The enzyme packs a one-two punch, first tagging a specific area with a protein, then sending exfoliants to that protein-marked area to dissolve it. Once the job is done, the activity stops.

For salmon, this allows them to break free from the egg that confined and protected them as they developed. For humans, this allows them to lose the dead outermost layer of skin without subjecting living skin cells to attack. The fish-derived formula reduces redness, swelling, and sensitivity while providing a fresh look for anyone who wants it. The cosmetic benefits include a reduction in spots and fine lines, as well as improved texture and tone.

There are two more things you should know about this product: Only licensed physicians are able to stock and offer Restorsea™, and the active ingredient is taken directly from the water where baby salmon have hatched. It’s collected by filtration, so no fish are harmed.

With Restorsea™, you can feel good about your skin and the Earth. Learn more about this product available from our dermatologists at the Los Angeles area’s Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills. Call (310) 246-0495 or visit

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