A Brief History of BOTOX®

With BOTOX® going strong as the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment, more and more people are not just learning about the injectable—they’re choosing it to smooth away forehead lines and crow’s feet for months at a time. The year 2016 brought reports of more men and women than ever before choosing BOTOX® for cosmetic reasons, but it also saw the injectable reach the latest in a string of medical milestones, as the FDA approved it for treating lower limb spasticity.

With growing popularity often comes a growing set of questions, led by a common curiosity on the part of the public: How safe is BOTOX®? Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones has performed more than 70,000 procedures involving the injectable and served as an investigator on the clinical trials exploring its efficacy and safety for the treatment of crow’s feet, giving him particular insight into how it works and its effects on the skin and body.

Long before those trials, however, BOTOX® was put to use in medical settings, starting with trials that led to the 1989 approvals for its use in curbing both eyelid spasms and strabismus, which causes crossed eyes. Five more medical approvals followed over the years, approving it for treating certain neck muscle spasms, hyperhidrosis, chronic migraines, upper limb spasticity, and overactive bladders.

The uncountable computer files and reams of paper devoted to these trials, as well as the rigorous cosmetic trials, all point to the injectable as not just safe, but an effective solution for a variety of problems.

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