A New Team Member and Interest in Kybella®: Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones Looks at 2016’s Highlights

At Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, many of our patients measure time in months, counting ahead to determine how long the results of their injectables or other cosmetic treatments will last and ensuring they maintain beautiful, healthy skin all year long. Looking back at this past year, our own team of physicians has realized: What a difference 12 months can make!

The year 2016 started with Dr. Derek Jones filming a segment for The Doctors, which aired on Feb. 1. Focusing on Kybella®, the Beverly Hills-based dermatologist explained how the product works to destroy fat cells that make up a double chin, drawing on his experience as lead investigator for the injectable’s U.S. clinical trials.

February also saw an uptick of interest in “Brotox”—the male-centric name given to BOTOX® injections tailored specifically for men’s faces. Media attention through the spring continued to drive increased acceptance of the treatment, which guys tend to use to get a refreshed look, as opposed to knocking years off of their appearance.

Their growing interest shouldn’t really be a surprise, since the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery announced in the summer of 2016 that the number of people thinking about getting a cosmetic medical procedure has practically doubled since 2013 in the United States.

In September, the practice officially welcomed Dr. Jeanette Black as a physician serving alongside Dr. Derek Jones and Dr. Naissan Wesley. The new dermatologist stepped up after her yearlong fellowship at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, turning the physician-only duo into a trio offering doctor-based care for every patient.

The year ended with the lip-plumping Volbella® becoming increasingly available throughout the country. Though the FDA approved the new Juvederm® product in June, patients couldn’t get it until October.

What will 2017 have in store? If the previous year is any indication, it will bring even more interest in cosmetic treatments for women and men alike, as well as innovations designed to keep skin looking young and healthy for months—and years—to come.

Learn more about any of the treatments mentioned here, including Kybella®, from the Beverly Hills-based physicians Dr. Derek Jones, Dr. Naissan Wesley, and Dr. Jeanette Black. Call (310) 246-0495 or visit skincareandlaser.com.

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