Belotero® is just enough for fine lines

Dr. Derek Jones has worked on the clinical trials that have led to FDA approvals of several injectable cosmetics available at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills. One of those is the Belotero® trial, for which he served as principal investigator.

Belotero® is a dermal filler, designed to fill in lines that become etched into the skin over time. While there are many products that act as an injectable gel to treat wrinkles, Dr. Jones has found that Belotero® is particularly suited for filling in fine lines around the lip and mouth area. This is because the injectable works to reduce the severity of such thin wrinkles without making them appear to be over-filled.

As a hyaluronic acid, Belotero® serves to replace a natural chemical in the skin that is lost due to aging and other factors. Because of its formula, it comes as an especially smooth gel that integrates into the skin and is eventually safely reabsorbed into the body. Belotero® results are typically immediate and can last up to half a year or longer, depending on the specific region of the face into which it’s injected.

Since Belotero® is so uniquely suited to treat fine lines, it can be considered as a way to add a finishing touch to a treatment regimen designed to bring an overall look of youth and health to a patient’s face.

Belotero® works particularly well in treating:

• nasolabial folds, which appear as lines that run down from your nose to your lips

• vertical lip lines, which show as fine grooves both below and above your lips

• corner lines, which run down from either side of your mouth like a frown

• smile lines, which can form around your mouth and nose area

• chin wrinkles, the most prominent of which may be a horizontal crease

Patients choose Belotero® because it allows them to maintain a full range of expression and movement while enjoying the benefits of a reduction in the appearance of their wrinkles. It is also popular due to the fact that skin treated with this injectable filler feels natural in addition to maintaining an organic, natural appearance.

Learn more about Belotero® and what it can do for you and the fine lines you want to treat at Dr. Jones’ Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills. Call 310-246-0495 to learn more, or request a consultation.

Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.