BOTOX® and Jeuveau™: What’s the Difference?

In the decades that have passed since BOTOX® made its official, FDA-approved debut on the market as a temporary fix for frown lines, the formula has grown to become wildly popular and has been given the green light for a number of other applications, such as reducing the prominence of horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Regular patients at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills know that more recently—as of 2019—a new injectable known as Jeuveau™ arrived on the scene. Dr. Derek Jones, Dr. Naissan Wesley, and Dr. Jeanette Black all had a hand in the injectable coming to market, working as investigators on the FDA trials necessary for Jeuveau™ to receive FDA approval.

With two wrinkle-relaxing neuromodulators to choose from—Jeuveau™ and BOTOX® Cosmetic—Los Angeles-area women and men may be wondering what differentiates the two.

First, it’s important to note that the pair of injectables enjoys more similarities than differences. Both are derived from Botulinum toxin and keep wrinkles at bay for an average of three months per injection session. Both are injected directly into muscles that contribute to facial wrinkles, and both should definitely be administered only by licensed, trained, and experienced processionals.

That said, there are a few notable differences. The formula that ultimately became known as BOTOX® Cosmetic—approved by the FDA for three separate cosmetic applications—was used in medical settings for years before it began officially smoothing out foreheads across the nation. It also continues to be used to treat an expanding list of medical conditions.

Jeuveau™, on the other hand, was developed for aesthetic purposes, giving it a singular focus. It is also (as of summer 2019) approved only for treating glabellar lines, which form to resemble the number “11” between the eyebrows.

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