BOTOX®: Did He or Didn’t He?

While the question of whether this celebrity or that media personality “had work done” has long been directed at women whose faces grace screens and magazine covers alike, recent comments speculating on 76-year-old presidential candidate Joe Biden’s smooth forehead show that men are now in the mainstream when it comes to cosmetic treatments.

Whether or not he did enjoy an injection session to relax his crease-forming facial muscles (and no matter the speculators’ politics), the reality is that the questions indicate a broader acceptance and normalization of male-focused procedures. As national leaders in cosmetic dermatology, with Dr. Derek Jones having served an integral role as an investigator in the crow’s feet-focused clinical studies that led to an FDA approval for BOTOX®, Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team has long maintained that men should have no fears about getting the look they want. Research indicates that guys are turning more and more toward BOTOX® and other treatments, whether to gain a perceived edge over the competition in a tough hiring market or to put their best face forward in their profiles on dating apps.

While questions of “did her or didn’t he?” still indicate a bit of gossip-type interest in the world of aging notable figures, it is important to note that these inquiries seem to be eclipsing questions of “should he have?”—as well as comments along the lines of “I can’t believe he did!” Indeed, at least one Twitter user commented that he looked “freshhhh,” with another saying she wanted in on whatever he was doing to look the way he did.

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