BOTOX® ‘Immunity’: What You Need to Know

While BOTOX® is a common and effective wrinkle treatment, it does require some level of maintenance in order to get its full benefits. In many cases, dermatologists encourage patients to get repeat sessions in order to enjoy the full, long-term benefits of the injectable. This allows providers to gradually correct the targeted cosmetic issues over time in a way that looks natural and harmonizes with the patient’s existing facial features. However, as explained by the team at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, BOTOX® patients can, in rare cases, develop an immunity to the drug. Additionally, some people are naturally resistant to its effects.

In most cases, if BOTOX® injections haven’t worked to properly smooth out the targeted lines, the problem could be due to technical errors or poor product quality. Nevertheless, statistics have shown that immunity builds up in a very small number (one to three percent) of patients who have chosen BOTOX®. Manufacturer Allergan has acknowledged that the body may create neutralizing antibodies as part of its immune response to injections, which inhibits the normal biological effects of the prescription mediation.

The risk of developing an “immunity” is believed to increase when injections are administered frequently, with high doses and short intervals between sessions, over an extended length of time. Anyone coming to a dermatologist for injections, should take the first steps of learning what strategy works best for them and developing a customized treatment plan with their chosen provider.

The best injectable for a given patient often comes down to personal preference. If you’ve discovered that BOTOX® isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be, this realization doesn’t mean all hope is lost. There are a variety of other similar neuromodulator products available in the U.S. market, including Jeuveau (“NEWTOX”), the newest botulinum toxin-derived injectable available. This option was developed by the facial aesthetics firm Evolus and is being marketed to a younger generation than the demographics typically associated with other botulinum toxin-based treatments.

The two injectables are structured similarly, but unlike BOTOX®, Jeuveau is intended purely for cosmetic uses and is only FDA approved for glabellar lines.

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