BOTOX® in Your 20s: An Aesthetics-Conscious Generation Welcomes Facial Treatments

Gen Y is taking skin care seriously and getting an early start on turning back the clock when it comes to cosmetic treatments. It doesn’t come as a surprise that 98 percent of people from around the world, aged 21 to 35, said they will consider having a facial injectable treatment during their lifetime when surveyed as part of Allergan’s recent 360 Aesthetics Report. A full 82 percent reported believing injectables are socially acceptable. In the Los Angeles area, BOTOX® and similar injectables have long been part of the landscape, but it’s telling to see a “Southern California” attitude toward minimally invasive treatments spreading to new generations across the country.

It is in a person’s mid-20s to early 30s that he or she typically first notices the tell-tale signs of wrinkles somewhere in the upper third of the face. As the years go by, aging skin begins to lose its youthful radiance and firmness. The underlying layers don’t produce as many new cells, and important structural proteins like collagen and elastin begin to break down. A significant amount of moisture is lost, causing the complexion to appear dull and dry. Dynamic wrinkles—which are creases that form as a result of recurring muscle movements such as smiling—start to form. Exposure to harsh external elements like UV light, gravity, pollutants, and dry air seem to conspire with lifestyle habits like smoking, lack of sleep, and stress to contribute to signs of aging.

As a rising number of women and men don’t want to look like they’ve “had work done,” the current trend is toward subtle, natural-looking “tweak-ments” to existing features. This desire has contributed to the growing popularity of minimally invasive, injectable wrinkle-reducers that produce more subtle results than surgery.

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