Botox® is No. 1 again

Dr. Derek Jones served as an investigator when the FDA was considering whether to approve Botox® to treat crow’s feet, so he knows better than most people what the cosmetic can do to restore a youthful smoothness to a face—and why it is so popular. Botox® is a frequent favorite at his Beverly Hills practice, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently confirmed that Botox® injections were the most commonly performed minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2014, up 6 percent from the year before.

Botox® outshone all other treatments, coming in first place with almost 4.4 million more procedures performed than the next most popular procedure: soft tissue fillers, including collagen.

In fact, Botox® injections accounted for almost half of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2013, making up 6,673,6 of the 13,945,38 total.

Far more people chose such procedures over cosmetic surgeries, revealing that Americans prefer injections, peels, and similar treatments to more invasive choices. This may be due to the fact that Botox®, dermal filler, and laser sessions generally are quick, require minimal downtime and follow-up (if any), and are far less costly than something as involved as a facelift.

Many of these minimally invasive cosmetic procedures can also be combined for a harmonious effect. Botox®, for instance, can reduce the appearance of various fine lines and wrinkles, while Juvéderm® can fill in hollows where volume has been lost, and a chemical peel can restore a youthful glow to facial skin from cheek to cheek and brow to chin.

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