BOTOX®: Nothing Beats the Real Thing

We’re much more than halfway through 2018, and if the year’s national headlines so far are any indication, there continue to be people who don’t take BOTOX® very seriously. Maybe it’s because celebrities and frequent media coverage have made the injectable a household name, but whatever the reason, there continues to be news stories about doctors holding injection parties in their homes or injectors passing off counterfeit formulas as genuine BOTOX®. Los Angeles-area residents, allow the Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills to say: That’s a problem.

Only a trained and licensed medical professional should ever administer BOTOX®, and only in a professional setting. BOTOX® is not a “jab and go” treatment anyone can do, and even those who are versed in the basics of safety and hygiene do not necessarily have the proper understanding of facial aesthetics to create natural-looking results. Board-certified dermatologists are ideal injectors due to their extensive education and depth of knowledge when it comes to the skin and what lies below.

Anyone considering BOTOX® injections is encouraged to research their potential provider: read their biographies and CVs, ask questions during the conversation, and examine before-and-after photos that show the results of their own work.

Also, be sure that the product being used is BOTOX® Cosmetic, and not something just like it. While other wrinkle-smoothing muscle relaxants exist, they have unique dosing recommendations and other properties.

Choosing a board-certified physician to administer actual BOTOX® could be the difference between beautiful, rejuvenating results and being a part of the next headline news story.

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Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.