Brush Up on Belotero Balance® Basics

Ever wonder why there are so many filler options available to women and men dealing with signs of aging in the face? As innovations in the industry have continued to progress the efficacy and safety of dermal fillers for years now, the forward momentum has also allowed for the development of products that excel at addressing particular issues. Take, for example, Belotero Balance®. The Los Angeles-based dermatologists at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills use it to smooth out several types of facial lines, but the hyaluronic acid-based filler is especially suited for reducing the appearance of fine lines that form around the mouth in general, and the lips in particular.

Belotero Balance® is both smooth and cohesive: two qualities that give it an edge when it comes to filling in wrinkles that are less severe than nasolabial folds and similar creases. A thicker gel can make fine lines appear over-filled. This gives the skin an obvious and even unnatural smoothness—which is a look many (if not most) of our patients want to avoid. By integrating into the actual tissue of the facial skin, Belotero Balance® acts on moderate and even severe etched-in lines.

Though it excels at treating fine lines, Belotero Balance® can also be used on moderate nasolabial folds, which are often called parentheses. Deeper and more severe folds may call for a filler intended for less delicate work.

Because the mouth area tends to be a very active part of the face, results there tend to fade sooner than they do in regions that sit more at rest. In general, the smoothing effects of Belotero Balance® can be expected to last for about six months. Multiple factors impact the longevity of a filler, with another being the skill of the injectors themselves. Choose experienced providers to maximize results.

Like many dermal fillers, injection sessions can be repeated at regular intervals so that fine lines and moderate creases remain less visible long term.

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