Brush Up on Your Juvederm® Vocabulary

There’s a growing number of Juvederm® fillers for Beverly Hills-area patients seeking a smooth, easy, and trusted way to temporarily add volume to where it’s needed on the face. With the increasing roster of injectables available, Dr. Derek Jones—who has served as an investigator during Juvederm® product trials and trains doctors around the country in proper injection techniques—understands that patients may have questions about what the various names of products mean:

Ultra®: Used to smooth out wrinkles around the mouth and give a volumizing boost to lips, this has been a reliable injectable from Allergan for years. Patients enjoy results that can last up to a year under ideal conditions.

Ultra Plus®: Thicker than Ultra®, this injectable is used for folds that are deeper than fine lines and wrinkles, and so require a more dramatic solution.

Voluma®: Made with Vycross® technology that cross-links hyaluronic acid molecules for a particularly smooth and stable gel, Voluma® is intended for restoring lost volume in the cheeks for a change that can last up to two years.

Vollure®: Also made with Vycross®, Vollure® provides results similar to Juvederm Ultra®, but with results than can last up to a year and a half.

One more thing to watch for: If you see an “XC” after a Juvederm® product name, that indicates the injectable contains lidocaine. The anesthetic is included in very small amounts, but is significant enough to help minimize discomfort during the injection process.

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