Coming Back for Botox®: Los Angeles Patients Explore the Benefits of Repeated Treatments

Derek Jones, MD, was an investigator in the study that successfully led to the FDA’s approval for Botox® as a treatment for crow’s feet, so he has a particular interest in the cosmetic. The injectable continues to grow in popularity, especially as people learn more about it and how it works. Botox®, Los Angeles-area patients already know, smooths out the forehead and the area stretching from the outside corner of the eye by preventing line-forming muscles from contracting, but they may be surprised to discover that its effects also appear to get better with repeated use.

A recent study—the third one in Phase 3 of an ongoing program—revealed that participating patients reported their facial wrinkles improving significantly after receiving multiple Botox® injections in the course of a year. In fact, patients who initially received the largest doses of 44 units (24 units for crow’s feet and 20 units for glabellar lines) and received that dose again for the second round had the most positive response, with many saying they looked younger than their current age. Even the group that initially received only 24 units enjoyed results that far surpassed the group given a placebo.

The study authors also note that despite repeated doses of Botox® being administered, the results didn’t raise any new safety concerns.

Botox® is a Beverly Hills standard and top choice for patients in the United States and around the world who are seeking a younger-looking face without having to invest the time, money, and effort into a more invasive approach, such as an eyelid or face lift.

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Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.