Define Your Cheekbones with VOLUMA® XC

Angular cheekbones—as seen on the faces of supermodels, comic book heroes, and movie stars—are viewed as an aesthetic ideal in many cultures. Some people believe they create a more mature, sophisticated, and adult look on women, or a more masculine appearance on men. As a popular dermal filler, VOLUMA® XC is often thought of as an injectable for making the face softer and more youthful. As explained by the dermatologists at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills in the West Hollywood area, VOLUMA® XC can also create the illusion of slimmer cheeks and high, better-defined cheekbones for people who naturally have more of a round, baby face. And they should know: Dr. Derek Jones served as the lead investigator on the FDA’s Voluma® study, which preceded the product’s

When people refer to “high cheekbones,” they are talking about malar bones that rest close to the eyes beside the nose bridge, while “low cheekbones” are ones that sit nearer to the base of the nose. The structure and look of your cheekbones is mostly determined by your genetic background.

So how can VOLUMA® XC help to address facial angles determined by genetics? The hyaluronic acid-based injectable adds volume where introduced, making it ideal for filling in deep creases and providing a plumpness typically associated with youthful contours. Though it is primarily linked to a look of roundness, it can also be employed to essentially mimic the supportive nature of bone. Once injected into the deep tissue, the long-lasting gel makes the skin thicker and more supple while pulling in moisture. By adding volume to the center of the face to elevate the cheeks and create a stronger, more define cheekbone, injectors can also create the impression of a firmer jawline farther down.

Men, who have less fat in their faces when compared to women, often want to preserve the straight lines that define a masculine face, rather than add soft curves to plump up the apples of their cheeks like women often do. That said, the VOLUMA® XC injection process is customizable. Most importantly, patients should work with a skilled injector who has an artistic eye and listens to your specific goals.

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