Dermatologist Derek Jones in Los Angeles Notes Immediate Interest in Double-Chin-Busting Kybella®

Since the FDA’s April approval of Kybella® for use in reducing submental fullness—also known as double chin—in adults, Dr. Derek Jones, a dermatologist offering Los Angeles-area patients opportunities to care for and improve their skin’s health and appearance, has seen the prescription cosmetic leap forward in the public’s eye.

It’s no wonder. As the dermatologist who served as the lead investigator for an earlier study into the injectable’s suitability to reduce the appearance of double chins, and who ultimately presented it for approval to the FDA, Dr. Jones is extremely familiar with what Kybella® can do—and how quickly it can do it. Wave after wave of media reports note what makes the product so attractive: It’s minimally invasive, accomplishing effects similar to liposuction but without the drawbacks (including the risks, recovery time, and cost) of surgery. A single treatment session can run as briefly as 15 minutes. The fat it eliminates is physically removed from the body, not merely shrunk to a smaller size that can balloon up again over time.

Recent news stories written and broadcast around the country reveal dermatologists eager to stake a claim in Kybella® territory, proving that it has captured the Unites States’ attention.

Dermatologist Derek Jones, MD is a Kybella® expert who learned about its benefits and results as he studied the cosmetic and its effects since 2012 for the FDA trials. This means he’s been associated with Kybella® for years and is truly one of the most well-versed dermatologists in the world when it comes to its application. He was among the first dermatologists in the Los Angeles area—as well as the state and country—to offer it for his patients. Learn more by contacting Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills at 310-246-0495 or request a consultation.

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