Did You Catch Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones on The Doctors?

Advances in dermatology are happening every day. After years of studies, research, trials, and more, new treatments, techniques, and products regularly make their way into dermatology practices around the country, where patients decide what works best on a practical level.

Kybella®, approved by the FDA and released for general use in mid-2015, proved quite quickly to be a successful and popular treatment, rapidly gaining attention from doctors, dermatology practices, media, and, of course, patients looking for a nonsurgical and simple solution to the problem of a double chin.

Dr. Derek Jones served as the lead investigator for the Kybella® clinical trials. That, and his abundant knowledge of all things dermatology related, has made him a go-to national expert on the fat-busting injectable. The crew of Emmy-winning TV program The Doctors recently welcomed him to the show to discuss the results enjoyed by three different Kybella® patients.

The episode, which aired Feb. 1 (you can watch it here), introduced three women who were dissatisfied with their appearance due to submental fat. One woman listed the tactics she employs to hide her neck: She never wears her hair up or allows her photo to be taken in profile.

“Under here,” another woman said, indicating the region just below her chin, “is the giveaway for your age.”

The before-and-after photos shown on The Doctors, as well as conversations with the patients themselves, revealed a noticeable change in each dermatology patient who received treatments from Dr. Jones.

The audience applauded at each depiction of a sleeker, more defined jawline while the panel of doctors discussed the treatment with Dr. Jones, identifying its fat-destroying capabilities and noting that the injectable option is less expensive than surgery.

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