Don’t Take Acne Worries Back to School

Students may be excited about starting a new school year, but not so excited about a new pimple that pops up on Picture Day. While a single spot is to be expected (but never picked at), some young men and women deal with a more widespread problem when it comes to acne. Beverly Hills dermatologists Dr. Derek Jones, Dr. Naissan Wesley, and Dr. Jeanette Black are experienced in acne treatment, blending cosmetic and medical skin care to help people struggling with the common problem get clearer skin and maintain it into the future.

The good news, they like to tell their worried patients, is that virtually any case of acne can be treated. It may require a combination of therapies, but the team is prepared to tackle anything from pesky pustules to more severe cysts and nodules.

In the meantime, remember:

• Don’t poke, prod, or pick a pimple. This can lead to a worsening infection and more visible bumps on the skin, as well as potential scarring.

• Keep your face clean by washing it every day, but avoid harsh cleansers that strip away everything beneficial on the face—and don’t scrub too hard.

• Get plenty of sleep, nutritious food, and water to maintain a healthy body.

If acne worsens and does cause scarring, don’t despair: That can be addressed, too. Laser skin resurfacing is available to reduce the appearance of acne scars (and other cosmetic problems).

Above all: Keep a positive outlook. Acne doesn’t define you, and it’s certainly not forever.

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