Enjoy results that last from Radiesse® and other cosmetics

There are many ways you can ensure that the aesthetic dermatology procedures you choose—from fillers like Radiesse® to laser skin resurfacing—provide results that last as long as possible. The first and most important way is to select a doctor with the education, experience, credibility, and talent to offer the best products administered with a skilled hand. The trained and licensed Dr. Derek Jones of Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, for instance, has personally handled more than 70,000 filler procedures.

The fact that Dr. Jones has administered so many cosmetics to so many people attests to both his reliability and to his experience with assessing patients to discover what will work best for them as they seek to achieve the aesthetic results they desire.

As a board-certified and world-renowned aesthetic dermatologist, Dr. Jones regularly recommends Radiesse® to his patients who are looking to address the loss of roundness and vitality they encounter on their faces as they age. While people get older, their skin loses elasticity, fat, and moisture—the combined absence of which can make them look older and more tired.

Dr. Jones chooses Radiesse® as one filler to restore volume to sunken and wrinkled areas. The cosmetic is particularly suited for treating smile lines, marionette lines, lines at the corners of the mouth, pre-jowls (where skin can droop and sag), and chin wrinkles.

Because it targets these specific areas to instantly add volume, and to stimulate natural collagen growth for continued improvement, Radiesse® can provide results bein match that last for a year or longer—not bad for a treatment that Dr. Jones can administer in mere minutes.

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