Forget to Protect Against the Sun? Those Spots Don’t Have to Be Permanent

The Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team has a range of options available for patients looking to address pigmentation irregularities, visible blood vessels, and other signs of prolonged sun exposure. With one such treatment, IPL, Los Angeles-area residents who maybe skimped on the sunscreen a little too often can gain a more even tone by using light to their advantage.

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light,” and it is often lumped into the same category as lasers, though the two treatments are different. While lasers use very focused beams of high-intensity light energy to penetrate the skin and address various cosmetic issues, IPL uses short pulses of a different wavelength to generate results.

The two treatments do bear some similarity, in that both take advantage of the fact that darker areas in the skin more readily absorb the light energy, which is converted to heat. The resulting high temperatures damage the pigmented cells, which triggers change.

In the case of sun spots, the pigmented cells in the lesion ultimately flake off or are absorbed and processed by the body. For visible veins, the light seals off the redundant vessels, which causes their collapse and reabsorption into the body.

As effective as IPL is, nothing beats prevention for “treating” sun spots before they start.

Dermatologists already sound like broken records when it comes to discussing sunscreen and other forms of protection against UV light, but the repetitive message kicks into an even higher gear when spring and summer days start temping more people to spend longer hours outside with less clothing on.

Do your skin a favor: Cover it with sunscreen every day. But don’t worry—if you’ve already enjoyed years of heading out under blue skies without proper protection, you can still take care of the spots that give away your sun-worshiping lifestyle.

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