Get to Know Dr. Naissan Wesley, the Writer

Regular patients at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills know Dr. Naissan Wesley as a physician devoted to skin health and beauty—an educated, experienced, and board-certified dermatologist with a wide-ranging reputation for her work. They may not know, however, that she’s also a frequently published writer who contributes regular columns to Dermatology News.

Since 2009, back when the publication was called Skin and Allergy News, Dr. Wesley has co-authored monthly articles with Dr. Lily Talakoub. The two alternate duties, with Dr. Wesley writing and Dr. Talakoub editing her work one month, then Dr. Talakoub writing and Dr. Wesley editing the next.

The column began life as “Skin of Color,” but has since broadened to be about general aesthetic dermatology.

Recent topics have ranged from the up-close-and-personal (skin barnacles) to the far-flung (Nomadic Mongolian skin care practices). Over the years, the duo has written about laser resurfacing, skin tightening devices, thread lift procedures, the newest dermal fillers, eyelash extensions, the effects of hard water, and how climate change can impact the skin.

In addition to her ongoing column, Dr. Wesley contributes to peer-reviewed journals and medical textbooks, including a recently published chapter on “Beauty and the Aging Face” for the simply (and accurately) titled textbook Dermatology, 4th edition. She is frequently sought out to provide information to members of both local and national media. Readers can find her quotes on blogs, magazines, and in The New York Times alike.

Meet Dr. Wesley and the rest of the Skin Care and Laser Physicians team—Dr. Derek Jones and Dr. Jeanette Black—by visiting their Los Angeles-area dermatology practice. Contact them online to arrange a consultation, or call 310-246-0495.

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