Get to Know the Newest Dermatologist at Skin Care & Laser Physicians

Have you met Dr. Ardalan Minokadeh yet? The newest member of the Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills staff recently joined the physician-only team after completing his yearlong cosmetic dermatologic surgery fellowship with Dr. Derek Jones. Like the rest of Los Angeles area-based dermatologists at the practice, he is board certified and committed to helping patients get the cosmetic and medical skin care they need to be as healthy and beautiful as they can be.

Dr. Minokadeh, known is our office as Dr. Ardalan, is working full time, welcoming medical patients with PPOs, as well as women and men seeking cosmetic services. Prior to joining Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, Dr. Ardalan graduated from Tulane University’s dermatology residency program and earned a certification from the American Board of Dermatology.

When not actively working with patients. Dr. Ardalan does scholarly research and writing. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles, research abstracts, and textbook chapters. He is also a member of more than half a dozen professional medical organizations.

Prior to the spring, Dr. Ardalan was working Saturdays at the practice. Starting the first week of May, his schedule expanded along with the Skin Care & Laser Physicians suite itself. Two new exam rooms opened to provide space for his patients to come for appointments. This means even more opportunities to get high-quality care in a physician-only setting.

For more information, or to arrange a consultation, send a message online or call 310-246-0495.

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