How Does Exercise Help Your Skin?

Next time you need to motivate yourself to go to the gym, just remember how good breaking a sweat is for your entire body. Exercise improves your appearance as well as your mental and physical health in many ways. Along with making you stronger by toning up your muscles and allowing you to shed those extra pounds gained over the holidays, one of the other lesser-known benefits of exercising regularly is getting a clearer, more youthful looking, more radiant complexion. We can’t solely depend on fillers and BOTOX® from Los Angeles-area physicians to make our skin look its best. It’s also important to ensure that our skin is healthy from the inside out through healthy lifestyle choices. After all, no number of expensive products and treatments that hide wrinkles on the surface can make up for perpetually malnourished, unhealthy skin on a cellular level.

If your skin has been breaking out in adult acne or is looking dull and sallow, try to get more physically active. Whether you’re into standard treadmill jogging, stationary bike work, or prefer a sport, yoga, or martial art, anything physical activity that you can do consistently will be helpful. Continue reading to find out some of the main benefits your next run or strength training session could have for your face:

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Exercise raises your heart rate, meaning that there’s better blood circulation to the skin. It not only enables oxygen and nourishment to be delivered to the skin, but also stimulates skin cell turnover and collagen generation—not to mention: Better circulation gives your skin that desirable post-workout glow.

  • Clears Your Pores

When your pores dilate and open more during the process sweating, trapped oil and impurities are released, similar to what would happen during a good facial. Regularly flushing out the debris makes breakouts less likely.

  • Helps You Manage Stress

Chronic stress is known to worsen persistent skin conditions like eczema and acne. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that put you in a better mood and reduce levels of stress hormones. Exercising regularly can also help you to sleep better, which is a way of controlling stress.

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