How Does RADIESSE® Restore Collagen in the Skin?

JUVÉDERM® is always a popular choice for boosting volume and redefining facial contours at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, where we have years of experience with the injectable—including Dr. Derek Jones’ work as lead investigator on the FDA study leading to the approval of JUVÉDERM Voluma®. JUVÉDERM®, like many fillers, uses hyaluronic acid (HA) as its active ingredient—but that’s not the only option available. Calcium hydroxylapatite is another substance used in volume-adding injectables. For patients interested in this option at our office in Los Angeles, RADIESSE® has its own unique advantages.

RADIESSE® contains calcium-based microspheres, which are made up of the same mineral-like substance responsible for giving human bones and teeth their rigidity. These microspheres are suspended in a watery gel carrier.

As opposed to injectables that primarily serve to add volume when first injected (rather like adding air to a deflating balloon), RADIESSE® builds a supportive framework in the skin and stimulates natural processes that cause specialized cells known as fibroblasts to appear. While the filler creates a smoother look right after injection, a more lasting benefit comes from the fibroblasts, which begin making new collagen molecules. Long after the filler itself has been metabolized, the collagen will remain, providing support and making the treatment area appear smoother and fuller.

Why is collagen so important? Skin is about 80 percent collagen, so the molecule is critical when it comes to structure and support. When we age and take damage from the sun, however, collagen levels drop. Instead of being supple and healthy, the skin becomes wrinkled, saggy, and thin.

Gradually building new collagen counters losses due to time and damage. This makes RADIESSE® ideal for creating foundational support, with effects that can last for up to a year or more.

Due to its viscosity, RADIESSE® often creates the most satisfying results in deep creases on the lower face, such as nasolabial folds. It can also be used to add volume to the backs of the hands, where aging and thinning skin can cause veins and tendons to stand out. Replenishing collagen softens those lines and makes the skin appear smoother and more youthful.

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Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.