Is Your Skin Ready for Fall Weather?

In the Beverly Hills area, people like to pretend that warm weather will last forever. Thanks to movies and TV shows that depict the region as a never-cloudy paradise populated by nothing more than movie stars and surfers, the rest of the world may even believe in an Endless Southern California Summer, but autumn does come to us all. Even Los Angeles. Dermatology experts—like Drs. Derek Jones, Naissan Wesley, and Jeanette Black—frequently remind their patients and the population at large that just because a day might be overcast, it’s not time to ditch the skin protection or daily care routines.

That nose you use to sniff out pumpkin spice everything as soon as it’s available? Keep covering it up with sunscreen. If you read this blog faithfully, you’ll know that this is a common bit of advice—because it’s so important for your skin beauty and health. Gray skies are not shields against ultraviolet radiation, so stay just as vigilant about blocking out those sneaky rays, even when local stores start decorating for Christmas.

In fact, all of the regular rules for your skin apply, no matter the season: Eat well, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep. Staying healthy does wonders for a youthful complexion—but remember that if L.A. can’t stop the seasons from turning, neither can you. You can expect some sagging and wrinkling to happen as you get older, even if you’re vigilant about skin care, but that’s why there are dermal fillers and other options available. Many of today’s highly studied and safe products are ideal for small corrections that can leave you looking refreshed and subtly younger, with no obvious puffing or tightening. Check out, for instance, Vollure™ XC and other “next gen” fillers from Allergan.

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