Too Much Time in the Sun? Consider Fraxel®, Los Angeles’ Answer for Sun Spots and More

Many people look to the warm and sunny days of summer as the time for baring more skin, but without the adequate protection that comes from strong sunscreen, and failing to keep sun time to a minimum, these people may find that overexposure to UV radiation has harmed their skin. Over time, this damage can appear in a variety of forms, from wrinkles and lines to spots and discolorations. Fortunately, there’s Fraxel®. Los Angeles-area dermatologist Dr. Derek Jones’ often uses this laser treatment to even out aesthetic imperfections in the skin due to sun damage, since it can reduce the appearance of sun spots in the span of three to five sessions, restoring clear skin.

In contrast to the solar rays that beat down—sometimes mercilessly—throughout June, July, August, and beyond, Fraxel® uses light energy to resurface the outermost layer of skin, diminishing brown spots and pigment problems. Fraxel® also stimulates collagen deeper in the skin, which can fill in unwanted lines and wrinkles via natural rejuvenation.

Another light-based option for dealing with uneven pigmentation problems is UltraPulse™, which can also treat deep wrinkles and scars. Many patients feel that their aesthetic results from UltraPulse™ make them appear dramatically rejuvenated. Intense Pulsed Light, also known as IPL, is another option for evening out sun-damaged skin tone.

Derek Jones, MD, and his team will assess each patient individually to determine whether Fraxel® or another treatment is the best option for dealing with the sun-damaged skin.

Learn more about what Fraxel® can do, and about UltraPulse™ and other options for improving the appearance of your skin after sun damage, by contacting Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills at 310-246-0495 or request a consultation.

Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.