What Can Be Done to Maximize CoolSculpting® Results?

Not all fat that we store on our body is the same. Unfortunately, some types of fat are more difficult to shed than others through diet and exercise. For instance, it’s easier to reduce visceral fat (the unhealthier type that is stored in the abdominal cavity close to the organs and is sometimes called hard belly fat) than it is to lose the subcutaneous fat (soft, pinchable fat just below the skin) on other areas of the body. Exercises that focus on specific areas, such as ab workouts, will improve the stomach muscles but won’t reduce fat in the midsection. Spot reduction, meaning targeted fat loss, seems like a great idea, but it isn’t possible. That’s why even after overall weight loss, many patients still have some areas that they wish they could shrink. Cosmetic fat reduction techniques such as CoolSculpting® can kill off the unwanted fat cells in these areas, decreasing the volume of these areas without surgery. Want to get the most out of a treatment? These are some recommendations from the Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team for patients who want to get optimal results from non-surgical fat reduction at our Los Angeles practice.


Although there’s no strong evidence to prove that anything we do will greatly enhance the results from non-surgical fat reduction, and very minimal aftercare is required, patients tend to find that they see results faster if they continue to exercise. Workouts are not a requirement during recovery, but they can improve all-over fat loss. Not to mention, having an exercise routine will help you to prevent weight gain in the future so you can better maintain the results from this procedure.

Have Additional Treatments

Some patients choose to have additional treatments if they need them, focusing on certain areas on the body that may be larger or have more fat. Further reduction is possible with follow-up sessions.

A Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to exercise, our diet can also help us improve the effects of weight loss. Drinking plenty of water is believed to quickly help the body flush out toxins and waste. Patients will also need to watch what they eat and avoid processed or other unhealthy foods.

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