What is the Patient Satisfaction Rate for BOTOX®?

National media outlets tend to make much of BOTOX® as a groundbreaking injectable, but are people really happier with the way their face looks after getting the treatment? Research suggests that, yes, the majority of patients believe BOTOX® is the real deal when it comes to their results. For the board-certified dermatologists based at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills in the West Hollywood area, BOTOX® injections are definitely a popular option for women and men seeking to smooth out stubborn crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

Statistics from many top review sites show that more than 95 percent of American patients were satisfied with the outcome from their BOTOX® treatments in past years. Additionally, a recent study conducted by the American Surgery Journal indicates that patients were 28% happier with their facial features after choosing BOTOX® injections for treating their glabellar lines.

There is even some research into the idea that BOTOX® can actually boost self-confidence or improve your mood by making it more difficult for you to show negative emotions (such as scowling, which is a major wrinkle-making expression).

The injectable version of botulinum toxin type A is most commonly used to calm such muscle activity that causes the development of wrinkles over time. As we go through life and make various facial expressions, patterns emerge where certain muscles constantly pull the skin into folds. For example, you may frown often when concentrating or reading, forming wrinkles between the brows.

When Allergan’s BOTOX® is injected into the tissue in the targeted area, it disrupts the transmission of signals between the nerves and muscles. As a result, the muscles won’t contract as frequently, and the surface appears smoother and more refreshed. With virtually no preparation, downtime, anesthesia, or side effects involved, and injections taking only a few minutes to be completed, it’s easy to see why patients enjoy the convenience of this non-surgical treatment.

But is there more to boosting self confidence than enjoying a younger look with relative ease?

The idea is that consistently positive expressions can create a feedback loop that improves mood, which leads to more positive expressions, and so on. Is this because we like to see smiles—even when coming from our own faces in the mirror? Or does the physical act of making a happy face trigger a biological process that improves how we feel?

The research continues, but in the meantime, anyone considering BOTOX® should know that the numbers do show that the injectable comes with high satisfaction rates. Want to find out if BOTOX® is the best solution for your own wrinkles? Before you make a decision, talk to the dermatology team at Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills, with experience as principal investigators on the FDA study exploring BOTOX® for crow’s feet. Get in contact by calling 310-246-0495 or submit your request online.

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