Which Aesthetic Treatments Work Best for Acne Scars?

Acne lesions are often visible annoyances, but they can also sometimes be more significant, causing pain and even permanent scars. The inflammation associated with swollen cysts and large nodules often leaves marks in the skin, visible even after the breakouts resolve. This is because the lesions can damage both the skin and the underlying tissue. Scars occur when the body attempts to repair the harm by creating new collagen. Although there’s no way of predicting for sure whether you’ll end up with scars, people who delay treating inflammatory acne, people who are genetically inclined to developing scars, and people who tend to pick at their acne spots are more at risk. Acne scars on the face, chest, and back can cause feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness. Luckily, there are some treatments, including microneedling, laser skin resurfacing, and IPL (intense pulsed light), that Los Angeles-area patients can use to effectively fade these marks.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Also referred to as a photofacial, IPL is a gentle light treatment that uses multiple wavelengths of energy to enhance the tone and texture of the skin while undoing damage. The heat causes unwanted cells to be removed, thereby reducing redness and creating a more uniform texture.

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Fraxel®

Fraxel® is one of the most effective laser options for improving the appearance of acne scars. It smooths out texture irregularities while reducing brown and red pigmentation caused by acne, using microscopic laser channels to encourage the growth of collagen and elastin.

Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

If other methods haven’t helped, microneedling with or without PRP is another effective option for reducing acne scars. This treatment uses hundreds of fine needles to create microscopic injuries in the skin and induce new collagen production. Microneedling helps to break down the collagen bundles that lead to raised scars on the surface, and the new collagen that it creates gives you smoother skin while reducing any depressions. This treatment usually works better for depressed acne scars. When PRP is added topically, the platelet-rich plamsa’s healing abilities can further boost the skin’s efforts to repair itself.

Want a more even and balanced complexion? Start planning your intense pulsed light (IPL) session in Los Angeles or explore other options for fading acne scars from Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills. Request a consultation with us by submitting a contact form or give us a call at 310-246-0495.

Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.

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