Winter is for skin care, health, and Juvéderm®

You may know about the benefits of Juvéderm®, but you may not think about them much when skies are gray.

Winter is a season of extremes, all of which can take a toll on skin. Cold temperatures (even in Los Angeles) can help to dry out a person’s face, wind can do the same—while also blowing particulates and abrasive debris onto cheeks, noses, and foreheads—and overcast skies can lull even the most conscientious of people into thinking that they don’t need to use any sunscreen for protection on cloudy days.

People who want to prevent wrinkles in this—or any—season should regularly practice the following:

• Get plenty of rest. Use the fact that days are shorter and nights are longer as an excuse to turn in earlier than you would otherwise.

• Apply sunscreen, no matter what. UV rays have a way of making it from the sun to your skin despite many barriers you may think would block them. Choose one with a suitable SPF—Los Angeles-area residents should be used to this. Or just look at the thermometer and stay inside.

• Eat better. You could always use more fruits and vegetables in your diet, right? And whole grains? In addition to being good for you in a variety of ways, these and other foods provide beneficial antioxidants.

• Bring on the moisture. That means internally and externally. Drink plenty of water, and regularly apply a carefully chosen moisturizer to your skin to keep it hydrated. Know that rain frequently splashing you in the face isn’t the same thing, as water alone can actually dry out your skin in the long run.

While regular cleaning and moisturizing schedules can help keep skin healthy, fine lines and wrinkles can still develop due to harsh conditions and the natural effects of aging.

Anyone who wants to do something more about those wrinkles can explore Juvéderm®, which smooths out facial wrinkles, primarily around the mouth and below the nose. Juvéderm® investigator Dr. Derek Jones of Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills is a facial expert and Juvéderm® authority who recommends the injectable filler to people seeking to restore hyaluronic acid lost in the face, no matter the season or weather.

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