Yes, Those Are the Holidays You Hear Coming

You always think you have more time than you do.

Yes, Halloween is still weeks away, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are even further out, but the start of fall is undeniably the beginning of a season that packs events into the calendar as soon as one month flips to another. That means now is the time to be thinking about the quality of the skin you want to be showing off when the weather outside is frightful.

It may feel like it’s too soon to discuss holiday parties with jingle bells and clinking glasses, but considering how the ideal results of certain treatments can come after several sessions spaced weeks apart (and the fact that pumpkin spice has already made itself known in the wild), now may be the very best time to think about penciling in a visit to Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills for a Kybella® session to start reducing that double chin.

Whether you want the smoothest skin possible for those family photos or are ready to tackle a problem bulge in advance of seeing extended family and friends, it’s never too early to talk with an experienced dermatologist about options for treatment plans.

Remember, everyone’s schedule fills up, which means finding a time to get that injection you wanted in the days before the office shindig will only get more difficult as 2019 gets closer.

Before you put your sandals away for the season, consider making a plan that will reward foresight with clear, youthful, healthy-looking results.

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