Can You “Undo” Fillers if You Don’t Like Your Results?

We all look forward to the firm, smooth, and youthful appearance our skin can have after getting fillers like JUVÉDERM® ULTRA. Our Los Angeles-based team of physicians knows, however, that not everyone is 100 percent sold on their ultimate appearance.

On the off-chance things don’t turn out the way you want them to after an injection session, wherever you might get one, what can you do next? Most patients are happy with the results from their filler treatments, but even when you have injections from the most skilled and qualified injector, individual factors related to circumstances, anatomy, and other unique elements can impact the results.

If you change your mind about wanting to keep the look that fillers provide and want to reverse the effects, there are some effective solutions available. With that in mind, in this post, we outline some things patients should be aware of before having facial fillers:

  • Give It Time

First of all, know that some slight swelling is to be expected after getting an injection—and that when you’re focusing all of your attention on such a small and specific area, even slight swelling can seem like a big deal! Keep in mind that the results you see in the mirror in the day or two after your treatment session will “settle” a bit in the days to follow. Experienced injectors know how to administer your product of choice so that the ultimate results are what you will be happy with.

  • Fillers Are Temporary

Though the results can be long lasting, fillers are still designed to only temporarily alter the appearance of your face. The effects from many hyaluronic acid fillers last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on what type of filler you’ve chosen and where it’s been injected. The effects of collagen-stimulating injectables like RADIESSE® can last for a year or more, with the volume added from the gel giving way to natural collagen built over time by the skin itself. In the worst-case scenario, your fillers will be gradually metabolized, and even collagen breaks down over time.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Are “Reversible”

If you simply still aren’t happy, the good news is that hyaluronic acid molecules can be easily, naturally, and quickly dissolved with an enzyme known as hyaluronidase. That means you won’t have to wait months for unwanted results to go away. The hyaluronidase starts working as soon as it’s injected and gradually reduces the filler until it is completely gone within around two weeks.

  • There Are Options for Handing Other Fillers

Steroid injections can help to mitigate the results of with longer-lasting collagen stimulators like RADIESSE®. Also additional fillers can be placed in strategic areas to improve the appearance of a specific feature.

Learn about your options for reversing facial fillers like JUVÉDERM® ULTRA in Los Angeles or talk about other aesthetic procedures available from Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills. Submit a contact form or give us a call at 310-246-0495 to schedule a consultation.


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