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BOTOX® in Your 20s: An Aesthetics-Conscious Generation Welcomes Facial Treatments

Gen Y is taking skin care seriously and getting an early start on turning back the clock when it comes to cosmetic treatments. It doesn’t come as a surprise that 98 percent of people from around the world, aged 21 to 35, said they will consider having a facial injectable treatment during their lifetime when …

The World vs. Your Skin: Itching, Burning Questions Answered

Rains in Los Angeles bring flowers and skies washed clear of particulates—for a while, anyway—but they also mark a season bursting with elements that can make your skin red, itchy, and uncomfortable. If you’re worried about a rash, you can always bring it to the Skin Care & Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills team of …

Smoke and Skin: A Bad Combination

With rain falling more frequently, California is finally edging out of the dry season that seems increasingly prone to wildfires. The entire state spent what seemed like weeks smothered in smoke in 2018, with the threat—and sometimes reality—of burning homes displacing thousands of people and impacting millions. The effects of these devastating fires will be …

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