El Niño Storms and CoolSculpting®: Los Angeles Looks Forward to Next Summer

Meteorologists are predicting that this winter will be packed with rain, forecasting a season of everyone staying indoors as much as possible. On the surface, the El Niño weather might not seem to have much to do with CoolSculpting®, but Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients preparing for a soaking over the next several months may want to set their sights even further forward to include next summer.

Southern California is known for its sun, and—cyclical storm systems aside—the beaches and beautiful days inspire people of all sorts to show off their bodies. Many locals begin getting their bellies and backs into the shape they want in the months before summer starts, but even with juice cleanses and sit-ups, some stubborn fat may remain. That’s what CoolSculpting® is for. The FDA-approved device pulls heat energy from fat cells, killing them while leaving everything around them happy and healthy.

The CoolSculpting® process is safe and effective, yielding about a 20 percent reduction in fat with each treatment. The fat released from the destroyed cells can take up to several months to be eliminated from the body, and more than one treatment spaced one or two months apart may be necessary to get desired results.

Considering that timeline, the start of a stretch of cold, wet, and wintry weather may be the perfect time to start CoolSculpting®. Depending on your current body and ultimate goals, you could be achieving your ideal results by June, if not sooner.

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Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.