More Uses for Juvéderm® in Los Angeles

Just a couple of months ago, the U.S. FDA approved Juvéderm Ultra® XC for lip augmentation. Dr. Derek Jones is no stranger to the Juvéderm® family of fillers and the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process, given the fact that he acted as lead investigator for the study exploring Juvéderm Voluma® XC’s use as a filler for mid-face volume loss.

Patients routinely ask for Juvéderm® at his Los Angeles-area practice and around the county, which indicates that doctors will continue to study the injectable cosmetic in an effort to discover more uses and have their safety and efficacy validated.

As it stands now, Juvéderm® products are approved by the FDA to correct such moderate to severe facial wrinkles as nasolabial folds (XC, first approved in 2006) and address age-related volume loss in the apple area of the cheeks for adults older than 21 (Voluma® XC, approved in 2013). This is in addition to Ultra’s 2015 approval involving lip and perioral area injections for augmentation, also in the older-than-21 demographic.

The Ultra® studies on lip volume revealed that 79 percent of the subjects examined three months after their initial treatment showed “meaningful improvement” to their lips. Virtually that same number, noted as “more than 78 percent,” reported a year after their treatment that their satisfaction levels with their lips had improved.

Ultra® is made up of the same main ingredient as the rest of the fillers in the family: a form of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. The manufacturing process creates a smooth gel, the results of which can last up to a year.

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