Your Juvéderm® Results Are Uniquely Yours

Patients who want smoother skin or plumper lips via Juvéderm® in Beverly Hills have plenty of hometown celebrities to provide aesthetic inspiration. From reality show stars to blockbuster actresses, Southern California seems to have more than its fair share of women with the picture-perfect pout.

While the generous pairs of lips we see on magazine covers and silver screens are frequently imitation-worthy, Dr. Derek Jones of Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills reminds patients that they can use Juvéderm® to get a similar look—but one that will be distinctly their own.

Kylie Jenner’s lips work for Kylie Jenner’s face, and a person’s whole face should be taken into account whenever a cosmetic treatment is being applied. Dr. Jones makes a point of truly examining each of his patients’ faces to understand their unique anatomical structure, skin tone, and more. He developed the Dr. Derek Jones Facial Harmonics Approach™ to blend science and art as a way to assess each patient individually and create a treatment plan that yields customized, natural-looking results.

He teaches every patient that the goal is to have features that work together, even if the lips or eyes are clearly the stars. Facial harmony and balance will best show off your natural beauty, which can be enhanced by the careful application of Juvéderm® or whatever the perfect products and treatments are for you.

You can’t import Angelina Jolie’s lips onto your face. You wouldn’t want to, anyway.

You can explore how Juvéderm® can give you a look inspired by your favorite full-lipped stars.

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Written by Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones is a renowned Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area dermatologist practicing in cosmetic and general dermatology.